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You have two choices when you cannot find what you want - moan about it or create it.  I chose the latter and thus  Rebel GD was born

RebelGD, a  business born out of the frustration of trying to find a cape in just the right colour. 

Pam G-D is the creator of bespoke Tweed garments using the finest of British materials, allied with her inspirations gained from living and working in the beautiful Perthshire countryside. 

Pam will take a commission from those with an interest in acquiring their very own bespoke tweed garment.  Tweed capes, jackets, skirts, waistcoats, scarves and dresses are all in the core range along with quirky items such as tweed covered hip flasks, scrunchies, fedoras and fascinators.

Pam’s only limitation is YOUR imagination.



Mudhall House


New Hat Colours.

There’s always mucho e


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