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Where Am I Now?

23rd July 2019

With just over a year under my belt at @RebelGD the evolving has made my head spin. I have gone from producing gorgeous Liberty lined tweed capes, to my current project, a fully tailored tweed jacket, not to mention the numerous different garments in between too, such as kids pinafores and capes, scarves, cowls and hip flasks.

When I made my first garment it was never my intention to start a business, I just wanted to make something to wear, so it really did come like a bolt out of the blue. I had been looking for something to do, preferably from home to enable me to be here for my daughter, for a number of years, and had had a couple of jobs, but nothing has given me the satisfaction that creating does. I love the personal touch that I can give my clients, being able to tailor their garment specifically for them gives me the greatest pleasure, and I will admit to shedding tears of happiness when I spot someone wearing an @RebelGD creation. 

I am very fortunate to have a great number of very supportive people in my life, some as close as family, and also a large number of people I have met through horses who want to see me succeed. These really are my kind of people. Success should come to those of us who are willing to work hard, and put in the extra effort. One of these people, Morag Snow, is directly responsible for my involvement with a BEu18 team member.

Last year, 2 weeks before Blair Atholl Horse Trials, I got a message from Morag to ask if I would be interesting in doing a trot up outfit for a young girl who had been keeping her horses on Morag’s yard for a few weeks. Pollyanna Smith was entered on her horse Castleroche Star, or Mouse to his pals, for the 1* event, and didn’t have an outfit yet. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the protocol, riders must present their horse to the ground jury to be passed fit and sound for competition. At most of the large competitions there is also a “best dressed” award given out after the first trot up of the competition. So Pollyanna, and her Mum Laura, came to visit me to see if we could get something together in double quick time. I had a few capes in stock and we managed to narrow it down to two, I managed to persuade Pollyanna to wear the green one, but I know she still hankers after the pink. There were no prizes for best dressed, but Pollyanna looked incredibly smart and Mouse was passed fit. Although not placed in the competition, everyone was chuffed with the first run at 1*, with a creditable dressage, a clear run XC inside the time, and 2 fences down SJ in quite frankly filthy, wet conditions.

Pollyanna is always keeping me updated with her progress, and I was able to watch her run at Floors Castle back in May, where she really need a double clear in order to be in with a chance of being selected for the BEu18 team. I must have sounded like an over anxious parent whilst watching her SJ, and I think I rode every fence with her, so it was a relief that they all stayed up, and she gave herself an excellent chance of being picked with a double clear and top 6 finish. 

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one holding my breath back in June when the teams were announced, and then delighted to read Pollyanna’s name. So when Laura called me and asked if I wanted to be involved with the team as a sponsor I jumped at the chance. If the rest of the kids involved are in any way close to being as dedicated as Pollyanna then I was happy to give them a helping hand. The BEu18 program also provides coaching, advice and support, and then culminates at the Regional Team Championships at Frickley next week. I’m really hoping I can stream some to the TV in my workroom, or else I’ll be constantly hitting the refresh button on my phone.

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all the team members a safe, fun competition, and hope they enjoy the experience, and also to my fellow sponsors, well done for backing the future of the sport.

So if you’d like to discuss your trot up outfit, you’d like to dress your own little eventer, or you’d just like a matching scarf and hip flask of your own please get in touch and I’ll happily discuss your requirements.

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